Fear Cubrick T-shirt

Time for another shirt post. This time is the Fear Cubrick from C3 by COSPA.

Basically, this one is also a nice shirt. I love the blue shade here. Plus the little Rubiks cube in the back also look really nice.

The detail on the bottom. I love the little boxes and the Rubiks cube. It adds a nice touch. Again, they are using the dot technique here.

Close up on the face side. Hopefully it won’t crack, because it will make the girl look scary.

It’s a nice T-shirt to wear around. I wouldn’t mind wearing this out too sometimes since it’s not too flashy. Plus it’s quite durable too.

But anyways, it’s a regular COSPA girl + little background type of T-shirt. Actually I would demand a little bit more colour mix, since they used to be able to print a T-shirt (not including the DTG ones) with 5 or 6 different colours. Maybe next time I should post about the older COSPA T-shirts…

(T-shirt store page: C3-シーキューブ- フィア・キューブリックTシャツ)

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