Hagino Kana T-shirt

This is one of the older COSPA releases that I have. The character is Hagino Kana from Canvas2. It’s pretty much different than the new ones, in terms of size, fabric, etc. The older releases have thicker fabric and the size is a lot larger. They were able to print in more than one colours too, but mostly are centre prints and no full print T-shirts. Plus the print is thicker so it might be a little hot.

Speaking of the art, this one is pretty cute. And the colours look really nice as well, especially the green. Note the phrase “She is a novelist, and also a student!!”. Engrish I believe?

However, again, the print is thick and might not be as flexible as the new ones.

More print details.

Anyhow, despite the childish look, this T-shirt is really big. The sleeves goes below my elbow when it is worn. So basically, it’s perfect for sleeping. Plus, it’s durable too. I think I owned this for more than 3 years? Worn it quite a lot of times to bed, went to washing machines, but still no crack or signs of cracking. Worth the money if you ask me.

(T-shirt store page: CANVAS2 可奈 Tシャツ)

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