Kuri-chan T-shirt

Here’s another older COSPA, but not as old as the previous post. I believe they changed the tag. I loved the old ones (like the one in the previous post) because it is made from fabric. The newer tags can be a little itchy at times. The character is Kuri-chan from Toushin Toushi III.

More details on the tag. Not just it itches sometimes, it is not that durable. This one goes into wash quite as often as the previous one, but the tag is already in bad condition. Compare it with the print.

The print is pretty much still really good, despite some smears due to ironing. However, it’s quite thick and not flexible, despite the amount of colours they use. I like the design, I think it’s pretty cute. But again, I don’t think I will wear (or worn) this outside. The size is still really big too. So only for sleep use again. Again, no signs of crack or cracking after lots of washes. So, to be honest, I actually hope COSPA will release some T-shirts in this style again…

(T-shirt store page: 闘神都市III クリちゃんTシャツ)

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