Dalk Gaiden T-shirts

For the time being I will go back to COSPA shirt posts. Here’s another ones that I really like for some reason. These T-shirts were released really back then, and reproduced in around 2008 if I remember correctly. I believe this was from a game.

The first up is the Elesia Prisis T-shirt.

It’s pretty much a regular old COSPA centre print style. But I think this one has a considerably big print and I love it. Fabric quality was pretty similar with other old COSPA T-shirts, soft but a little thick.

Some close up on the print. It’s pretty flexible and durable. In addition, they actually also print the whites. The colours are also pretty nice. No fading or signs of cracking so far, after quite a lot of washes. The girl is pretty cute as well, though I’m not sure why she is moping the floor since I don’t play the game.

And then the other one is the Rezina Faram T-shirt.

Pretty similar quality to the other one. The design is also very similar. Next are some close up on the print.

Considering the black fabric, the whites actually hold up really nice. Some printing company can not really print whites on dark. The results made the whites look grey-ish and grainy. But this one is pretty nice. COSPA did a really great job in printing these. Quality wise, the print is also pretty similar to the other one. It’s pretty flexible and durable, as it can be folded quite freely; and it also did not show any signs of cracks after quite a few washes (I wore the white one more often, since I have 2 of those).

Anyways, speaking about the shirts, I like these a lot in terms for wearing and collecting. Both are pretty nice and comfortable to be worn around and I like the design. I would want to get another one of the Rezina T-shirt but seems it’s pretty hard for now. Hopefully someone will put it up for sale on Yahoo! Auctions or eBay! :P

(T-shirt store page (Elesia): ダルク外伝 エレシアTシャツ)
(T-shirt store page (Rezina): ダルク外伝 レジィナTシャツ)

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