Hatsune Miku Orchestra T-shirts

Like several of my previous posts, I am grouping T-shirts which is from the same (or similar) series into one post. This time it is from HMO (Hatsune Miku Orchestra). The first one is the white one.

It features Hatsune Miku overlaid by some text. The design is very nice and she looks very cute here. I also love the colours used here is also pretty nice. I particularly like the mint green. Plus the print is pretty big also.

Details on the print. The print is a little bit thick, but because of the gap created between the text, it does not felt that thick when worn. It is also very durable. This is one of the shirts that I wear a lot. After lots of washes, the print is still really in good condition. However, the HMO text might be a little disturbing though. People might read it as “homo”.

The second one is the dark blue one.

I like the design. It looks like some kind of record design with the characters on top of it. I like the combination of colours used here too.

Details on the distorted print. It is a little bit thick like the white one. However, it pretty much has the similar durability as well. This design has an alternate shirt colour in light blue. It looks nice but I still like this navy one better.

Both shirts still has the old COSPA cuts, so it is very baggy and floaty. Ordered them XL size meant that mostly both are worn for home and sleep uses only. Anyways, there’s another design that I have but I will cover it in another post.

(T-shirt store page (white): 初音ミクオーケストラ HMO “RDN” Tシャツ)
(T-shirt store page (navy): 初音ミクオーケストラ HMO “RBMM” Tシャツ)

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