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Day 9 (August 23) was spent in Girona and Tossa de Mar. However, like several other posts before, I am going to split into two parts because of the amount of pictures taken. This post will be about Girona.

Girona is a city in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants and Güell, with an official population of 96.722 in January 2011. It is the capital of the province of the same name and of the comarca of the Gironès. It is located 99 km (62 mi) northeast of Barcelona. Girona is one of the major Catalan cities (from Wikipedia).

In the city we first visit Basílica Parroquial de Sant Feliu. It is noteworthy from an architectural point of view. Its style is 14th-century Gothic, the façade dating from the 18th, and it is one of the few Spanish churches which possesses a genuine spire. It contains, besides the sepulchre of its patron and the tomb of the valiant Álvarez, a chapel dedicated to St. Narcissus, who according to tradition was one of the early bishops of the see (from Wikipedia).

Then, we visit Banys Arabs, or Arab Baths in English. The Arab Baths are located at Carrer Ferrán El Católico, s/n, at the Capuchin Convent. It was built in the 12th century and is just an imitation of Medieval Muslim baths, which also have Roman designs. The Moors left Girona before these baths were constructed. There is a changing room, an octagonal pool, the cold room, and the warm room. The hot steam baths have been less well conserved (from TripAdvisor).

Lastly, it is the Catedral de Girona. Its interior includes the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22 metres (72 ft), and the second widest overall after that of St. Peter’s Basilica. Its construction was first started in the 11th century in Romanesque style, and later continued in the 13th century in Gothic style. Of the original Romanesque edifice only the 12th century cloister and the bell tower remain. The Cathedral was completed in the 18th century. (from Wikipedia).

After that, we’re off to Tossa de Mar in Costa Brava.

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