Museumsuferfest in Pictures

Day 10 (August 24) is the last day for the Europe trip. We went back to Frankfurt in order to continue the trip back home the next day. In the night I went to see the Museumsuferfest. So the pictures here are all taken from the Museumsuferfest. Most of the Frankfurt city attractions were visited in day 1.

Museumsuferfest (Museums Riverbank Festival) is a major festival in Frankfurt. It is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Germany which attracts more than 3 million visitors over a period of 3 days. It takes place yearly at the end of August on both sides of the Main riverbank in the city centre. More than 20 museums are located there and they are open far into the night. Furthermore there are special attractions like live-bands, dance shows, several booths for crafts, jewellery, clothes and food from all around the world. It ends with a spectacular firework display (from Wikipedia).

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