School Days T-shirt

Before, I said on this post that the shirt was my second COSPA T-shirt. Well, this is my first ever COSPA T-shirt. The second one (folded) was relatively new though. I bought it just for collecting purposes because the old one already has lots of cracks.

The shirt itself has an interesting design. I like how they put half the face of the characters. Like most old COSPA T-shirt, it utilises a lot of colours. Although I’m not very sure what the anime is about but looks like it’s a sad story?

More close-up on the print. I used the new one because the old one is heavily cracked. The print actually is pretty flexible. The quality is also really good too, especially the white parts. It looks very clear despite the dark background. Speaking of durability, actually it is pretty much durable. I had the old one for about 6 years and worn it almost everyday when I first got it. The cracks actually was due to improper washing techniques, so I can’t really blame it on the printing quality.

COSPA actually took down the original T-shirt page. However, they have a renewal version.
(T-shirt store page: School Days Tシャツ)


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