TBS iShop Yui Full Graphic T-shirt

After my first T-shirt post, I have not posted the K-On double sided full graphics T-shirt again. Until this was posted, I have three of it. Two Yui (blue and black) and one Azusa (not posted yet).

The front and back of the shirt. The design is very similar to the other one. The front side features the character and the back side features all five characters. Since this was the first ever double sided COSPA T-shirt, I was very excited when I first get this.

Distorted front and back print. Like any other full graphics T-shirt, the print is really nice and soft. It is really flexible as it is printed directly to the shirt. However, the design features a lot of stars like this one. It might look like dandruffs from afar.

Here’s a couple more detailed shots of the print. The print has faded a little bit. I wore this one quite a lot, so that is to be expected. However, the blacks fade quite fast, so that might make the T-shirt look really worn out after some washes. I think that was a general problem for most dark prints on whites for COSPAs. But taking all into account it is still a really nice shirt to wear.

(T-shirt store page: けいおん!! 平沢唯&軽音部 フルグラフィックTシャツ)