Inori Full Graphic T-shirt

Here is one thing that I like about some full graphic T-shirts: full colour print. There are some other T-shirts that fall under this category, but quite a lot of the others only exhibit full colour character prints in a white background. However, some of the full colour prints, like this one, is only fully coloured on the front part, which makes it a little bit funny because the back is completely white.

Anyhow, this T-shirt features Inori from Guilty Crown. Due to her pose, I call her the “armpit lady”. But the T-shirt itself is really nice. The graphic is very sharp and strong. The colours are really great. Plus it’s directly printed to the shirt.

As you can see, the printing is very soft because it is directly printed. So it allows for maximum flexibility. Also, one does need to worry about the print cracking. It fades a little after several washes, but that’s about it. Perhaps the black parts might look a lot lighter because I feel the black ink fade out more when washed compared to the others.

(T-shirt store page: ギルティクラウン いのり フルグラフィック Tシャツ)