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This anime series, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない), releases quite a lot of full graphic T-shirts. I have two Kobato (different designs, here’s one) and this one. This T-shirt features Kashiwazaki Sena (柏崎 星奈).

Actually like these Hello Kitty T-shirts, this T-shirt has quite a lot of white parts but it doesn’t look too blank when worn. When COSPA released this T-shirt at first, I wasn’t too fond of this T-shirt, but after seeing quite a lot of people wearing it, I think it looks nice too.

More details on the print. Like other full graphic tees, the print is flexible and the shirt is very soft. Since this one does not have a lot of dark colours too, it did not fade too much, like my some of my other full graphic tees (including Hello Kitty).

Like this Kanade T-shirt, I spilled some Korean kimchi sauce while eating. So there are a little fading around her left eye due to washing, hoping the stain will come off. I hope there won’t be anymore full graphic T-shirts that got food or drink spills, because it is not easy to clean the stains.

(T-shirt store page: 僕は友達が少ない 柏崎星奈 フルグラフィック Tシャツ)

14 thoughts on “Sena Full Graphic T-shirt

  1. I understand then. (^^)
    I will keep a watch over Yahoo! Auctions to see if there is one XL landing there and grab it at the first opportunity.
    It may also be possible that Cospa gets back at a 「five years old」 product if they see it/those have a lot of procurement?
    I was sure you said in an article – if not this one – that Cospa has been repeating stocks as of recently.
    For what matters, I am still interested in buying the other one you were selling, regardless of it’s size; I will probably use it as a wall decor on my newly refurbished bedroom, so I think it’s still a proper use, as it doesn’t absolutely fits me… (^^;

    • Okay well usually they re-release recently sold out stuffs, it is quite rare for them to re-release products over than one year old. Also it depends on the anime side too (author, studio, etc) whether they wanted to get a re-release or not.

      Okay sure I can do that, will send you pics. Let me know your e-mail/twitter so I can send you. Another thing is, where are you based? I may be a little slow on sending out items because the postal here is quite unreliable. So I wait until I go out of the country, like Singapore to send out items overseas.

      • Hi Alex.
        Thank you very much, my eMail is「」.
        I am based in Switzerland, so maybe the best carrier might be either DHL (package insurance advised) or UPS (more reliable than DHL).
        Once again I appreciate your help very much. (^^)
        Have a nice day.

  2. I came too late to have mine… :/
    Now I am trying to give a shot on a Kashiwazaki Sena – also from Cospa – that’s costing about 82 dollars on GameBaz.
    Second defeat was an attempt for a parka on HLJ while it was on backorder, but then they labelled is as “Discontinued” and I have to ask the money back.
    Since the windbreaker on GameBaz is the only apparel goodie I could find available – I have a 1/7 GoodSmile scale figure of her – on the Web, I must hurry up before this one goes out too.
    Mind if I ask you how did you obtained your Tshirt and/or if you know anywhere it can still be available, even if in one of your local Animeshops?

    • Hi! I always get the shirts from COSPA directly (using a proxy), or Yahoo! Auctions for discontinued items. I have to tell you though that usually official anime merchandises tend to be printed once so it gets discontinued very fast. Only recently that COSPA reprinted their designs quite often but most of the cases after one year it will be gone…

      I have one of this Sena for sale though, although it is used, but I am willing to let it go for a much lower price.

        • Sorry for the late reply! Been quite busy lately. Actually it’s S-sized. I’m keeping the XL one.
          I’ll keep you updated if I wanted to let go of some of them.

          Btw I barely go online on Facebook, usually I use twitter instead
          Also you can call me Alex :)

          • It’s okay, I had dome things to do too. (^^)
            My size is also XL, so that means if there’s no choice but accept the S one, it will be for wall décor. xD
            Then you have any clue where I can find a XL one, even if second hand?
            I found a windbreaker of Kashiwazaki Sena in a certain online store, but also the t-shirt in the L size, both with “oversized” price.
            So I was thinking in grabbing the windbreaker there and wait for your response about your t-shirt.
            If there’s any chance you want to let your XL go, I will take immediate action to send you the payment.

          • Well, I usually wear an M but I like my COSPA baggy, as I usually wear it for sleeping because it’s really comfortable :D
            So that’s why I’m keeping the XL one because I still use it.

            My best bet to get one is at Yahoo Auctions or but I really have to be honest with you, it will not be that easy. Reason is that this T-shirt has been sold out since two years ago if I remember correctly so it gets harder and harder. Do check the auctions daily.

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