Bubbly Tip of the Day I

Well okay I’m not used to blog entries without pictures, but since my girlfriend started blogging some time ago, I might just want to start doing it. Note the title too. And the contents.

Little chitchat with mi amor.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Bread and nutella.
Mandarin lessons. Cingconglinglongtingtong.

Not much traffic.
Editing ads.
Modifying T-shirt pages for lazy alays.
Proof reading Chinese website.

Hoping there’s no traffic.
Special glass of avocado juice from mi amor ♥
Special time with mi amor ♥
Love her so much ♥

T-shirt of the day: Ran, the kimono girl.
GF’s T-shirt of the day: Braided hair Aya.

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