No, Thank You! Yui T-shirt

This is another T-shirt I bought from TBS iShop. They actually have five versions for each character, but I like this one the most. And all the others are sold out.

The design is pretty nice, but I wasn’t sure I like how they cut off the Yui. I’d rather have it all over until the bottom, even though it will make the shirt hotter. But anyways, it’s a little fresh look seeing her in this getup.

IMG_8383 IMG_8384

More details on the print. Yes, it’s thick. It’s really thick. It is even thicker than these old screen printed COSPA T-shirts. Or the iron-on festival T-shirts. But it is quite flexible, although it can’t be bended too much. Much like these T-shirts. It does feel a little hot when worn, but not too bad. But since the design is pretty nice, why not get one? It’s not like I wear the T-shirts I really like often anyway :P

(T-shirt store page: けいおん!! 唯 京都アニメーション Tシャツ)

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