Touwa Erio T-shirt

Time for another T-shirt post. This time is the ‘pretty alien’ Touwa Erio T-shirt by COSPA.

The shirt itself is really beautiful. I love the space-ish look on the background. And the blue looks really nice. Again, I don’t watch anime but I buy T-shirts with cute girls.

Distortions to show the details and the quality of the print. They are using the dot technique, which I really love. The shirt will not crack fast because of this. Plus it makes the shirt more comfortable to wear. Another lovely thing is it makes the print more flexible.

The only annoying part is the stars on the top part of the shirt. Makes you look like you have dandruff everywhere. But anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with it.
P.S. I wish COSPA would make a full graphics shirt with this character. It might look really nice.

TBS iShop Yui Full Graphics T-shirt

Like I’ve said earlier too, perhaps I would like to do shirt posts based from my collection. First up is this one from TBS iShop, in collaboration with COSPA.

Front side of the shirt.

And the back side.

The shirt is pretty cute but considering it’s double sided and attracts a lot of attention, I don’t think I can wear it outside. Just for home and sleep use. I like the back print a lot. All five girls look pretty cute there. It’s just too bad you can’t see it when you’re wearing it! :P

Distorted front and back. Just to show that the print is really good and soft.

…and the details. Parts of the confetti covering up the whole shirt.

The problem is this shirt come in a strikingly high price of 8400 yen. That’s like two Calvin Klein T-shirts down the drain. Not to mention the print might fade after several washes, if not taken care properly.

But anyhow I still like it. I don’t watch anime but I like to buy cute anime T-shirts. Plus it’s still really nice to wear around at home or to bed. It’s soft and comfortable and since I order it several sizes bigger, it feels floaty. Perfect for sleeping.

Anime T-shirts

The second collection that I have: Anime T-shirts. It is a little bit odd considering I don’t watch anime at all, but I have been drawing anime/fantasy style for quite awhile. So I became accustomed to the drawing style. Bought the t-shirts mainly because of good looking designs or cute characters, though I have almost zero knowledge about who the characters are. Now it became a big collection.

Quite a lot, no? Mostly I bought from COSPA or Nijigen COSPA. Sometimes I bid on Yahoo Auctions too for bargain prices or the old designs. I believe this is most of my anime shirts, excluding the latest shipment. Most of it can be found in this database. Again, perhaps I will do a post for them, if I feel like it.