Die-cast Airplanes

A little collection of mine. I have been collecting these die-cast airplanes since I was very young.

Above are most of the airplanes. As one can see, I mostly collect planes that have special colourful schemes, though I have some others that are in the original paintjob. Airplanes always play a special part for me because it was the one that make me draw. I remember I used to create my own plane liveries.

All the Singapore Airlines plane I have. Yes, the colourful one (9V-SPK) was the one that crashed at Taipei in 2000. It was one of the toughest plane to get to be honest.

…and all the Cathay Pacific I have. I still don’t have the original livery. Might want to buy one soon. There are some other airlines that I also have but CX and SQ are my two biggest collections. Perhaps I will do a post for each of them.

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