2011: Magnifique Africa

Inspired by my friend Julien (The-Mirrorball-Man), I decided to compile a list of songs for every year and then burn it on a CD. Then I created the cover. So here is the 2011 year end version, with the cover using my picture African Sunset. However since this site have not launched yet at New Year’s Day 2012, I decided to post it now.

Unlike the original concept, I will be having it with a twist. Each year I will pick a theme. For 2011, it is Africa. I pick some of my favourite tracks done by African artists, tracks that have an African feel (African style of music, ex. zouk, coupé-décalé), or just tracks that simply have an African vibe (such as exhibited in track 08 O Makundé).

Although recently I found a good African song thanks to Kolo Touré that I like to loop over and over again. Perhaps I will include it in some other album :P

So here it is, the song from Ghana. Kill Me Shy by D. Cryme

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