1/400 Austrian Airlines Star Alliance Livery

It’s been a while since my latest post. I intended to do a post for each die-cast airplane, so here we go. The first one I want to do is my 1/400 Austrian Airlines in the old Star Alliance livery. Manufactured by Dragon Wings.

There are two planes in the package. Here is the first one, the Airbus A320-214 OE-LBR. It’s pretty small since it’s just an A320, but the print job is pretty well done. I had this for about 7-8 years already and it still is in a very good condition.

Front view of the plane.

Here is the second one. Airbus A330-223 OE-LAO. Similar quality compared to the A320 before. Only the size that differs, since this one is a lot bigger.

More details on the livery. Honestly speaking I love this Star Alliance livery more compared to their recent one (for reference). The airline logos look pretty cute being stacked up together there in the livery.

The only downside is that the wheels often came off from the body. Plus considering its small size, it is easy to lose it when it came off. It’s still a great buy anyway, especially considering Austrian Airlines have repainted both of the planes. One (OE-LAO) with the new Star Alliance livery and the other (OE-LBR) with the regular Austrian Airlines livery.

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