1/400 Northwest Airlines “Investing in Pacific Trade”

Next aircraft up is the Boeing 747-249F Northwest Airlines Freighter in the “Investing in Pacific Trade” special livery (N643NW). Manufactured by Dragon Wings.

Not the most colourful plane out there, but the livery is quite interesting for me. It’s simple and clean, and most importantly, it looks good.

Both sides show different cities. This side show Anchorage, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

And the other side shows Bangkok, Guam, Hong Kong, Manila, Osaka, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo. The globe also show different regions. This one is Eurasia and the other is North America. Hence the cities, I believe.

From the front.

Again, the paint job on this plane is also really good. No signs of fading off after 7-8 years. I believe not much cargo planes have special liveries. Sometimes I like the clean look from cargo planes, as they don’t have the windows. Overall, it’s a great buy. Love it.

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